Park Jimin fashion Icon: TOP 21 Classy Outfits Of BTS’s Jimin

Park-Jimin-fashion-Icon-TOP-21-Classy-Outfits-Of-BTS- Jimin

To be honest, Jimin’s outfits are all iconic, don’t you think? Soompiers, which one is your absolute favorite? Another one to add to the collection.

1. Jimin Denim on Denim


Only Jimin can pull off wearing denim on denim and appearing like he’s straight out of a modern Disney film. This is what I call fashion perfection, from his hair to his sunglasses to his turtleneck and co-ord combo.

2. Jimin Spring Day Costume


The song “Spring Day” has a particular place in everyone’s heart, and so does the costume Jimin wore during the song’s promotion. Did you know that this shirt was sold out within hours of Jimin wearing it? The power of the fashion icon.

3. Jimin Colorful Accessories and Leather Jacket


This look, in my opinion, encapsulates Jimin’s style in a nutshell. Layers, colorful accessories, plaids, leather, and simplicity… the Jimin-fashion package is right in front of us.

4. Jimin white-trimmed black blazer


It’s the Jimin charm that makes me think of classy and cool in equal measure in this outfit. He wore a black t-shirt with a white accent and a black blazer. When Jimin revealed the modest black T-shirt beneath his white-trimmed black blazer, he stole the show.

5. Jimin Green Hat to the Bold shirt.


If there’s one thing Jimin is known for, it’s his duality. He can swing from furious to adorable in the flash of an eye, and this gaze exemplifies his sweet side. Everything about this screams gorgeous, lovely, lovely, from the green hat to the bold shirt.

6. Jimin Fluffy Puffer


I’m not saying I went out and bought a foggy puffer the moment I saw Jimin wearing this one, but it could be the case. Jimin knows how to dress comfortably and stylishly at the same time, as evidenced by this outfit. He could go straight from here to the runway, comfortable but still high-end and making a statement.

7. Jimin’s all-Gucci costume


Can you believe the guy in the photographs above and below is the same guy? That’s the duality I was referring to. Jimin’s all-Gucci costume blew everyone’s minds while on tour, and for good cause. The leather, the embroidered jewels, the hair, the Gucci emblem… there’s a lot to take in, and we’re here to take it all in.

8. Jimin Prince vibes


On point Prince vibes. The grey tresses, hairstyle, modest accessories, and all-black ensemble. A simple look that we all adore so much that we can’t seem to get enough of it. Jimin has the capacity to look stunning without putting out any effort, as evidenced by this look.

9. Jimin Half Jacket


What a memorable and classic moment. In a matter of hours, the half-jacket Jimin wore on stage at “MCountdown” became a fashion trend, inspiring people to experiment with their jackets and cut them in half. However, I’m not sure if anyone else can do it as well as Jimin.

10. Jimin Gucci waistcoat and loafers


Here are some straight from elite-high-school. With a statement Gucci waistcoat and, of course, Gucci loafers, a simple black-pants-white-shirt ensemble was transformed into fashion perfection. Jimin can put together a variety of clothes, and this is one of them. Casual yet elegant, trendy, and modern are all words that come to mind while thinking of this outfit. We’ll never forget this winning combination.

11. Jimin charming Burst of color


In this slightly see-through tank top, Jimin doesn’t leave much to the imagination. The liner of his coat offers a charming burst of color that complements his blonde hair.

12. Jimin Plaids and Oversized Look


When it comes to fashion, Jimin is passionate about two things: plaids and oversized clothes. He appears to have found both for this outfit. He only needed one asymmetrical shirt to put together an outfit that was both trendy and easy.

13. Jimin white loose shirt and light creamy shorts


With this white loose shirt and light creamy shorts, he looks so comfy. This dress giving so fresh vibes.

14. Jimin Flashy Choker Necklace and black button-up


In his sensual black button-up, flashy choker necklace, and black pants, Jimin put on a show for his fans. That choker and the entire clothing combo give off a new mood, which the crowd adores, and why not, it’s all cute Jimin charm that goes with any outfit and makes it trendy.

15. Jimin Plaid Golden look


You can’t resist Jimin this golden look, I mean whenever you see him in this look, you automatically say wow classy, this look is damn cute even tho he looks so hot at the same time.

16. Jimin dark-colored costume



Since BTS’s “No More Dream” era, Jimin has been flaunting his abs, and fans haven’t gotten tired of it yet! Jimin showed off his six-pack while performing in this dark-colored costume. 

17. Jimin Street Look


This edgy, street-style appearance gives Jimin a unique vibe. Nobody looked as wonderful as he did in this outfit. That is why he is a fashion icon because he can turn any dress into something fashionable and trendy.

18. Jimin black jacket and shades


This outfit with the shades and cap is remarkable. He simply wore a black jacket and a black t-shirt, as well as these shades and a cap, as you can see. He appears to be a top model, and he is, but in this modest clothing, he emits a great club atmosphere.

19. Jimin Summer shirt 


As we all know, the summer shirt look is really popular. Normally, everyone dresses comfortably, but how about Jimin? Look at how cute this summer tee is. Is it reasonable to claim that this is a simple summer shirt look? I’m not sure about you, but I think in this summer outfit Jimin Looks incredible.

20. Jimin Newsboy Cap Look


This newsboy cap look, combined with a basic loose shirt and cap, is simply stunning.

21. Jimin in Orange T-shirt


Jimin this orange T-shirt is totally love, anyone can be his biased after watching him in this look, so comfy and attractive.