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Points Taken Care Of For Every Post We Publish

In order to submit an article to Get Worldwide Updates, you must reassure that you comply with all the following terms:

  • Pay close attention to the correct use of language and spelling. Make sure your post is well-written and addresses a relevant topic.
  • Plagiarism is unauthorised. You, as the author of the guest post, are responsible for ensuring sure the information of all used sources and for avoiding plagiarism.
  • The suggested length of each blog must be 800 to 2000 words. There may be cases where we make an exception to this rule.
  • All submissions must be the unique work of the guest blogger and may not be published anywhere without our express permission.
  • We have the right to delete any links within the content. There is no need to give advance notification to accomplish this.
  • If we think the post could be better, we send a message to the blogger or guest to let them know.
    We can use any video or photos we choose, and we have the right to delete anything we don’t want. We accept some photographs that are connected to the topic.
  • No blogger or guest of ours will be promised any particular number of pageviews or comments.
    Your blog posts’ do-follow links will last for seven days. All of those do-follow links on our end will be disabled after a week. You must pay for backlinks to your blog if you want them.

We Do Not Accept These

  • Before submitting your post for publication, please do a check of our website to ensure that your topic has not already been covered.
  • Any blog with relevant information that might be used to motivate more linking.
  • Any writing which promotes your organization or your company.
  • Any work that is plagiarised, hateful, or wrong.
  • Any work that promotes a select few viewpoints without providing supporting evidence.


About posting on the site. It costs 150 USD with 2 Links blog will remain on the site for 3 months if you make it a lifetime that will cost 500 USD.

We also provide a subscription scheme if you will be interested to publish articles every week. For a monthly subscription that is 850 USD, you can sign up with us. We will create your individual profile with photographs (200*200 pixels). The article will live within 24hrs under your profile.

Contact us at info@getworldwideupdates.com if you have any further questions.