Adipurush Review: An Indian mythical epic film, finally out today


The Indian epic mythological film Adipurush is based on the Hindu epic Ramayana. Om Raut wrote and directed the film, which was produced by T-Series and Retrophiles. The film was simultaneously shot in Hindi and Telugu with Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh, and Devbatta Nage in the lead roles. In August of 2020, Adipurush was announced via an official movie poster. Principal photography began in February 2021 and concluded in November 2021, with the majority of the action taking place in Mumbai. Ajay–Atul composed the music for the film. Adipurush’s 500 crore (US$63 million) budget makes it one of the most expensive Indian films ever produced.

Adipurush Premise

Raghava, prince of Ayodhya, and his brother Lakshmana embarked on a 7,000-year journey to Lanka with Bajrang’s army to save Raghava’s wife Janaki from the clutches of Lanka’s demon ruler, Lankesh.

Adipurush Production 


A promotional poster for Adipurush, an adaptation of the Hindu epic Ramayana, was released on August 18, 2020. Om Raut, who previously directed the historical action film Tanhaji (2020), casts Prabhas in the role of Lord Rama. Om Raut was inspired by the 1992 Japanese film Ramayana: The Legend of Prince Rama to adapt the Ramayana using contemporary filmmaking techniques. Raut penned the script during India’s COVID-19 quarantine. Prabhas liked the project immediately, and T-Series Films signed on as the production company. With a budget of 500 crore (US$63 million), Adipurush is one of the most expensive Indian films ever produced. It is estimated that 250 crore (US$31 million) will be spent on visual effects. The initial budget estimate was 400 crore (approximately $50 million). The budget was increased to 500 crore (US$63 million) to improve and enhance the visual effects, CGI, lighting, and colour grading in response to the film’s teaser’s negative reception of its visual effects and CGI. It was simultaneously filmed in the languages of Hindi and Telugu, as well as in 3D.


The producers announced in September 2020 that Prabhas will portray Lord Rama, whose character name was later disclosed to be Raghava. Saif Ali Khan, who previously played an antagonist in Raut’s Tanhaji, has been cast as Ravana under the name Lankesh. After murmurs of Anushka Shetty, Anushka Sharma, Kiara Advani, and Keerthy Suresh being considered for the role of Sita, it was reported in November 2020 that Kriti Sanon has been cast to portray the character; her inclusion in the film was confirmed four months later, in March 2021. Sunny Singh, who joined the production in February 2021, portrays Lakshmana, the younger sibling of Lord Rama.


The Adipurush motion capture production began on January 19, 2021. The Muhurtam shot and official launch took place in Mumbai, India on February 2, 2021. According to the film’s producers, principal photography commenced on that date. On the same day, a massive fire disaster occurred at the filming location in Mumbai. Due to the fire outbreak, identically duplicated sets were constructed. In October of 2021, Khan and Sanon completed filming. On November 10, 2021, production concluded.

Adipurush Release


On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the film’s teaser was released on October 2, 2022. The visual effects and CGI in the trailer were heavily criticised. The trailer for the film was published on May 9, 2023, and was praised for its enhanced visual effects. A trailer for an action film was published on June 6, 2023.


Adipurush was scheduled to debut in theatres on 16 June 2023 in Hindi and Telugu, along with Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam dubs. It was originally scheduled to be released on August 11, 2022, but was subsequently delayed due to the release of Laal Singh Chaddha. The film was rescheduled to avoid a scheduling conflict with Veera Simha Reddy and Waltair Veerayya, as well as to rework the visual effects in response to the outcry received after the release of the teaser trailer.

Adipurush Entertainment System

Amazon Prime Video has purchased the digital distribution rights for use after theatrical release.

Adipurush Review

The IMAX rulebook prohibits the release of two IMAX films on the same day. Due to the simultaneous release and advance scheduling of screens for The Flash, the film’s IMAX release was later canceled.

From the release of Adipurush’s teaser, there has been widespread curiosity about how director Om Raut would handle the task of bringing the epic Ramayan to the big screen. While the new trailers and songs generated more interest, some remained uncertain about whether the film would truly capture the essence of the story. Om Raut earnestly aimed to meet the audience’s expectations, and while he succeeded in parts, the overall outcome is a mixed bag.

In an attempt to offer a fresh visual perspective on the timeless characters, Om Raut introduced changes to certain events from the original narrative. The first half of Adipurush is less focused on visual grandeur and instead delves into the emotions of the key characters. The introduction of Raghav and the bond he shares with Janaki are well-established, setting the stage for an engaging story. The abduction of Janaki and the subsequent entry of Bajrang create an effective interval segment that captivates the audience.

However, the second half of the film falls short for the most part. It becomes dominated by the war, which leads to a sense of exhaustion due to repetitive action sequences that only occasionally stand out. The final duel between Raghav and Lankesh provides a bit of impact, but other significant historic events are presented in an ordinary manner. Segments like the Sanjeevani Segment and the Vibhishan Segment, which hold strong imagery in other versions of the Ramayana, lack the same depth and intensity in the film.

Overall, Prabhas looks impressive in the titular role, although there are a few shots that could have been better. His performance overall is commendable. Kriti Sanon leaves a mark with her presence, but she is unfortunately absent for a significant portion of the second half. Saif Ali Khan delivers a good performance, but his character feels somewhat one-dimensional. Sunny Singh’s portrayal is decent, while Deva Dutta Nage is a perfect fit for his role.s

While Adipurush has its moments of engagement, it also has its shortcomings. Despite its visual appeal and efforts to re-imagine the epic tale, the execution falls flat in some areas. It’s a film that manages to create intrigue but fails to consistently deliver on its promise.

Overall Despite some flaws, Adipurush is a visually stunning and entertaining film that tells the timeless story of Ramayana in a new and refreshing way. Director Om Raut has done a commendable job of bringing this epic tale to life, and the cast delivers strong performances across the board. Prabhas is particularly impressive in the lead role, and Kriti Sanon is also excellent as Sita. Overall, Adipurush is a must-see for fans of Indian cinema and anyone who enjoys a good epic adventure story. we wish the entire team of Adipurush all the best for its success.