Bts Permission To Dance On Stage – Las Vegas


Our Hawt Jimin 

People are fascinated with Jimin right now… which isn’t unexpected considering his magnetic personality attracts almost everyone. It is JIMIN, the main character for today, who is causing all of this consternation. JIMIN HAD HIS HAIR CUT. HE APPEARS TO BE IN GREAT SHAPE. His performance is incredible, and he appears to be in excellent health. Although there were rumors that Jimin would dye his hair blond prior to the concert, he performed with his natural hair color, despite the fact that the hashtag for the concert was blondjimin on Twitter. Some fans were disappointed because they were expecting blond Jimin, but that is totally fine because we got a hot, cute, and sweet Jimin instead.

International Playboy Jungkook

Jungkook, our international playboy, is kind of exploding himself a lot, and the public is adoring it tremendously. His six-pack explodes during the concert, and everyone starts shouting. He didn’t do it just once, he did it two times in quick succession. SEEING HIS GORGEOUS SMILE JUST AFTER HE HAS CAUSED SOME CHAOS Despite the fact that Jiming is buttoning his shirt in a humorous manner to avoid exploding throughout the show. He’s looking really good today.

JUNG HOSEOK literally makes people shut

When we think about professional hotness, JUNG HOSEOK is the first person who comes to mind. He’s a little too ETHEREAL! THE ENERGY HE DISTRIBUTED SO LONG AGO! JUNG HOSEOK, THAT WAS OUTSTANDINGLY POWERFUL! He’s having a great time today, literally. People are quite enthusiastic about his performance. and he understands how to excite the audience, as evidenced by his comments during a concert while referring to the next song, which was something like “The next song is the one where Jungkook lost his buttons, BTS are you ready?” and even he thanking the audience by referring ” the city of full of your energy and our energy so there’s nothing holding us back, no one can stop us now, tonight is the most important day to us, thank you for making it so special, love you all”

Worldwide Handsome Jin

Jin continues to mesmerize the audience throughout the show. His hand injuries prevented him from performing to his full potential; however, he still attended the concert in order to take in the army’s appearance. We’re hoping for the best for his fattest recovery.

Let the haters hate – Namjoon

NAMJOON APPEARS TO BE AWESOME. During the performance. Army adores Namjoon, and he never seems too tired of being so perfect; every word he says only serves to make the army fall in love with him more and more. We adore him. During the performance, he said, “Let the haters hate, and let the lovers love.” The singer also stated that “we didn’t come to Vegas for the grammys; instead, we came to Vegas for the armys.” After the concert, he appeared Vlive and stated that “bts isn’t just about the seven boys, it’s a huge wave consisting of so many things, and what they ignore is the existence of the army: so many races, genders, and so many people who are so meaningfully involved in the movement.” “I just want people to be aware of this.”

Yoongi Marry Me

He always walks with a serious expression on his face, but during the concert he was actually quite cute. For example, how can anyone not find him endearing when he is chasing a big ball around the stage? “Yoongi Marry Me” trended widely on Twitter after seeing him look that good during a concert for the second time. As we all know, this is a cute trend that has gained widespread attention.


Taehyung, you are awesome!! What a handsome boy he is. At the concert, he appeared to be quite hot and cute. He receives a great deal of attention when he performs a couple of dance with Jungkook. You can tell he had a good time by the look on his face.   He also tosses flower bouquets to the army, and the army throws it back to him. When an army returns the flowers he had given them, his reaction is… Lol!! The army’s response is: “don’t us taehyung!!” We are still talking about what you did at the Grammys. As we all know, while performing at the Grammys, he is required to do a small act with Olivia, such as a brief conversation, and that things make some army jealous.

BTS and ARMY are given a grand welcome in Las Vegas, and the city becomes purple for Borahae.

The city of Las Vegas welcomed Korean pop band BTS and ARMY on Thursday night with a citywide marquee takeover and purple-lit properties, a night before the group’s first of four sold-out concerts at Allegiant Stadium on April 8-9 and 15-16. As we all know BTS will perform four sold-out concerts in April at Allegiant Stadium. Las Vegas has been transformed into a vibrant purple celebration of BTS-mania. From 8 to 9 p.m. Several properties were illuminated with signage welcoming the group, with purple being the color of choice because it represents the love between BTS and their fan club ARMY members.

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