Bts Permission To Dance On Stage Las Vegas Day 2


Permission To Dance On Stage With Bts – The city of Las Vegas was on fire. The army had a great time. Not only that, but even the BTS had a good time. Letz talk about some moment’s.  Taehyung literally took his jacket down in between songs, Jungkook assisting Jin with his shoes on Day 1, and Jungkook assisting Jin with his water bottle on Day 2. The whole event was on a new level today… Taehyung is Sitting on Jungkook’s Back.

The black swan is really a work of art. The Maknae Line is Too Cute To Pass Up. His ability to tease army members is now evident in the way jungkook lifts his shirt to reveal his abdominal muscles. Jimin is waving and kissing his fans in a lovely way. In addition, as they were about to perform, Jimin said, “I’m not ready, I need to hear ARMY shout for the next song.” He is really insane. Kim Seokjin is always WWH, regardless of whether he is sitting, standing, dancing, or jumping. I can’t believe how hot Kim Taehyung looks tonight!! That dude is really lovely even when he is not doing anything! Lovely in its natural state and naturally beautiful!!

YOONGI is busting out the Go Go Yolo Yolo Move on the dance floor. In two days, we’ll be watching Jungkook, and if you believe Jungkook had Covid like a week ago, we’ll say that you’re lying. The way Koo and Jimin stood in the path of Tae and he simply smiled they are so beautiful, they are lovely kids.  Today has been a complete blessing from Yoongi. In the case of Jimin The stage is his home, his safe haven, his favorite hangout spot, his playground…. JIMIN is delighted, and we are as well! Park Jimin’s stage commander aura is quite powerful, regardless of the angle you see the performance from or where he is positioned. His footwork is excellent, and his long legs and killer boots are a pleasure to see.

Namjoon was having a great time throughout the whole thing. The Method Joonie Is Feeling Good About Himself And Has The Cutest Dimplicious Smile On His Face.  Jin seemed to be in a great mood tonight. On the second day, we received a charming meow meow. Yoongi is back. In addition, our Jhope While dealing with the Army, We had a great time. While leaving, Jungkook Carries Jimin Out Of The Show. Bts Permission To Dance On Stage – Las Vegas was a huge success, and we would like to thank BTS for providing us with another unforgettable and spectacular night.