BTS’ Dynamite continues to set milestones; check out how it has now entered the Guinness World Records


If BTS is legendary and will go down in history as the greatest K-Pop group of all time, Dynamite may just be the song that is credited with the most global success and popularity, not to mention all of the awards and records the band has set. The superhit melody has now set 2 additional Guinness World Records for BTS, in addition to the three records it already holds in the Guinness Book.

BTS’ Dynamite has been given new accolades by Guinness, including being the most weeks at No. 1 on the ‘Digital Album Sales Chart’ and being the K-pop song to spend the most time on the US Hot 100.

Check out the official announcement from Guinness World Records below:

According to Guinness Book, Dynamite held the record for the longest period of time spent atop the US Hot 100 chart by a K-pop artist, clocking in at 32 weeks. Dynamite was also the number one international song for three weeks between September 5th and October 3rd, 2020. In addition to these achievements, the song spent seven weeks in the top two and thirteen weeks in the top ten. BTS and Dynamite’s popularity is rising by the day.

All the Records BTS Broke With ‘Dynamite’ in the First 24 Hours

BTS broke YouTube records with ‘Dynamite’

According to Forbes, the music video had a “live view count between 3 and 4 million” when it premiered on YouTube, making BTS the biggest YouTube debut of all time. When the video was first released, ARMY set a target of 100 million views in a single day. This target was created to thank BTS for their good work on “Dynamite” and to set the record for the most-viewed video on YouTube within the first 24 hours. The music video for “Dynamite” reached 20 million views in just over an hour and 14 minutes.

BTS broke Spotify record

The song also set a new Spotify record. “Dynamite” debuted at No. 1 on Spotify’s daily Global Top 50 list on August 21. Within a day, the song had 7,778,950 views, breaking Taylor Swift’s previous record of 7.742 million streams set with “Cardigan.” BTS also holds the record for the most successful Spotify debut of 2020. “Dynamite” is the first and only Korean artist to ever have an album debut at the top of the charts. It’s also BTS’s first time topping Spotify’s Global Top 50 list.

BTS set multiple iTunes records with ‘Dynamite’

BTS’s dominance of the iTunes charts is an excellent example of the group’s development and ARMY’s organization. BTS broke Adele’s record of 102 iTunes No. 1s with their single “Black Swan” before “Dynamite” was even released, making them the artist with the most iTunes No. 1s in history. The songs “Moon,” “My Time,” and “Your Eyes Tell” by BTS have all charted at No. 1 on iTunes.

BTS became the fastest artist to ever hit 100 iTunes No. 1s with “Dynamite,” which reached 100 No. 1s in just 8 hours. With “My Time,” “Black Swan,” “Moon,” “Your Eyes Tell,” and “Dynamite,” the band has become the first and only artist to have five songs reach the top 100 on iTunes.