Are you Excited to Know BTS Personality Types?


Many times people search for their favorite BTS personality types. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the MBTI personality types of each BTS member. While the seven of them work well together as a group, each of them is special in their own style.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality test that determines how a person views the world and makes decisions. The MBTI results for BTS members can be found here!

V and RM – ENFP

ENFP was identified as the personality type of both RM and V. ENFPs engage in social situations and are known for being excellent communicators. This is due to the learning tasks of their surroundings and they’re able to link disparate thoughts. Both RM and V appear to suit this profile; RM is the group’s leader, and he frequently leads his members in interviews, whilst V is an extroverted individual who can make friends with anyone.

ENFPs are also interesting creatures with selective memories. They can think beyond the box and come up with concepts that others have not considered.

Jin and Suga – INTP

Jin and Suga both have the INTP personality type. This is a unique type, with less than 5% of the worldwide people belonging to it. INTPs are introverts, meaning they gain their strength from being alone. When in a significant number, they may also be extremely quiet, something Suga fans can relate to. 

INTPs frequently have a lot going on in their heads, despite their lack of language. They have the ability to think outside the box in order to generate ideas and solutions to their difficulties. INTPs can also be incredibly innovative and creative. 

Jimin – ENFJ

Jimin, an ENFJ, has a lot in common with RM and V. ENFJs and ENFPs are both people-oriented, creative personalities who may help bring individuals together.

ENFJs like Jimin, on the other hand, are less adventurous than ENFPs like RM and V. ENFJs respect goal-setting and preparation, and they are trustworthy. Some people believe that ENFJs are more compassionate and empathetic to others’ feelings than ENFPs.

J – Hope: ESFJ

ESFJs, like J-Hope, are recognized for their extroverted personalities. They enjoy social gatherings and receive energy while interacting with others. As a result, it’s no wonder that ESFJs are popular among their peers—after all, J-Hope was well-known in high school.

ESFJs are loving and appreciate taking care of their family. They place high importance on loyalty but will go above and beyond for those who are important to them.

Jungkook – ISFJ

The youngest member of the BTS group is Jungkook and he is the ISFJ personality type. This personality type is said to be one of the shyest, which may come as no surprise to admirers. Jungkook is famous for being incredibly quiet and prefers to remain in the background when his senior members speak about various things.