In honor of Jimin’s birthday, here are some fascinating facts about him


BTS, a well-known South Korean boy band, has left fans around the world in amazement. Many people throughout the world love the Bangtan Boys’ amazing music and melodies. On the 13th of October, BTS’ Jimin will have been alive for one year. The 26-year-old handsome is stunningly good-looking and a fan favorite. Jimin studied popping and locking dance styles at Just Dance Academy while still in middle school. Jimin is one of the most endearing human beings ever created. He cares about his members, but he also cares about his admirers, with whom he interacts frequently on VLive.  Here are a few things you should know about the singer’s habits.

  • Slipping and falling from high or low chairs, Jimin and chairs are rivals in a running joke, and it’s easy to see why. Jimin can’t seem to get comfortable sitting down in any chair. You can’t catch Jimin when he falls, therefore the members always try to catch him or laugh at him, like J-Hope did one time when he copied Jimin’s fall and even imitated his movements. If Jimin’s fall has a magnetic attraction to the floor, Jungkook sought to help him but fell down himself.

jimin-chair1    jimin-chairbts-jimin-cute-and-adorable-habits-8

  • Have you ever noticed his face whenever he so confident about his things
  • Whether it’s to give moisture to his parched lips or to flirt, Jimin’s tiny habit is impossible to ignore. He’s well aware of his enchantment, so doing something like that only serves to heighten the effect. When Jimin acts like way, how can you possibly survive? It’s complete madness!

jimin-shy  shy-blog

  • The way he adores to comb his hair with his fingers, But who can blame him? If you’ve got long, silky hair like his, this is something you’d want to do all the time, right? Even the other members of BTS mock Jimin about this behavior, especially Jungkook, who even mimics Jimin’s mannerisms.
  • Jimin is unquestionably the cutest person ever. Whenever he wants to threaten the other members, he uses nose crunches. But who could really be scared of him when he acts like this? You’d only notice how adorable he is if you were looking at him. Look at the cute little crunch on the tip of her nose!
  • Whenever Jimin talks about some facts not always making big Cute Eye, have you ever noticed?

cute_jimin   cute_jimin

  • The charming pout on Jimin’s face acts as a weapon to help him obtain what he wants when he wants it. Even that charming appeal, pouting and with puppy eyes, is hard to resist. While being fun or acting cute to the other members, he pouts.
  • We all have a distinct laugh; some laugh until they snort, while others laugh until they are gasping for air and start heaving with laughter. When Jimin laughs, you can hear a squeaking sound coming from his mouth. Unless you pay attention closely, you will miss it. Jimin’s laughter is so endearing that we could listen to it all day.


  • When Jimin is having a good laugh, he keeps sliding into the other members of BTS. Even if it’s your own or someone else’s joke, if Jimin is sitting next to you, be prepared for him to fall over when he laughs out loud and land on you! and no one seems to care. It was such a treat to hear Jimin chuckle.


  • On stage, Jimin is a force to be reckoned with thanks to his hard-hitting, explosive motions as well as his more subtle, sensual ones. His shyness can be seen in the way he hides away his mouth or face when someone compliments him, which is a sweet little behavior to watch for. He’s lovely as he tries to cover his flushed face.

cute-Jimin   cute-Jimin

  • He will laugh or smile so hard that his eyes appear to be closed, which makes Jimin even more mochi-like when he’s joyful. That’s when he’s the happiest. Every time he does that, it makes us so happy.


  • When Jimin laughs so hard, he frequently laughs all the way through his body rather than just his face. When he laughs, he often finds himself falling to the floor from the force of his belly laugh. Jimin isn’t one to hold back when it comes to laughing aloud or all the way to the ground. Please keep an eye out for this baby!

jimin jimin jimin

  • Jimin frequently finds himself in precarious positions as a result of tripping or falling over items, whether it’s from a lack of coordination or a sense of humor.

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  • Being a fan of BTS Jimin, we know that his big smile when Jungkook calls him Jimin-ssi… He always laughs whenever Jungkook him Jimin-ssi

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