Jun Ji Hyun’s Agency Denies Divorce Rumors and her Jun Ji Hyun’s husband mocks divorce rumors.

Jun Ji Hyun’s Agency Denies Divorce Rumor

Recently Jun Ji Hyun’s Agency Denies Divorce Rumors and to Take Legal Action

Jun Ji Hyun’s representative issued a statement denying the actress’s divorce and separation from her husband.

There have been reports that Jun Ji Hyun and her husband Choi Jun Hyuk are getting divorced. The YouTube account “Garo Sero Institute” posted a video on June 2 saying that Jun Ji Hyun and her husband were living apart.

On June 3, Jun Ji Hyun’s agency released the following statement:

“This is actress Jun Ji Hyun’s agency Culture Depot.

We share our statement on the rumors about Jun Ji Hyun’s divorce and estrangement that were broadcasted on “Garo Sero Institute” on June 2 (yesterday).

First of all, we clearly state that all information mentioned in the broadcast in question are false.

Currently, false facts are being indiscriminately spread online, and we have found intentional malicious rumors being created and posted that were derived from the “Garo Sero Institute” broadcast and tabloids.

We therefore plan to investigate the exact truth behind the distorted, false facts, and we will take strong legal action against the spread of false information through erroneous articles and comments.”

With his Kakao Talk page, Jun Ji Hyun’s husband mocks divorce rumors.

Choi Jun Hyuk, the husband of top actress Jun Ji Hyun, gained national attention for his brave and funny response to the recent divorce obligated to make at their family.

Choi Jun Hyuk changed his Kakao Talk profile background image after the rumors of the couple’s divorce surfaced. The image is a parody of a famous scene from the ‘Slam Dunk’ series, with the speech bubble modified to read, “I… want to be Jun Ji Hyun’s husband!”

Many people assumed Choi Jun Hyuk’s speech bubble comment was intended to mock the allegations made by the YouTube channel ‘Garo Sero Institute,’ which stated that “Jun Ji Hyun’s husband left the house after claiming he didn’t want to be her husband anymore.”

Jung Ji Hyun married Choi Jun Hyuk, the CEO of Alpha Ventures and the grandson of prominent fashion designer Lee Young Hee, in 2012. They have two sons together.