Niti Taylor and Parikshit Bawa Love Story is Quite Filmy


You may have heard about many love stories, and all love stories don’t end happily, but not in the case of Niti Taylor and Parikshit Bawa. Niti is well-known for her show ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan’ and she tied the knot on Tuesday, 6th October 2020 with her boyfriend and childhood friend Parikshit Bawa. Surprisingly, the Ishqbaaz actress and the Indian Army Captain met in school and have only been dating for a few months. They were close friends at the time.

It wasn’t until Parikshit and Niti reunited on Instagram that they found how much they have similar qualities and fell in love. 

Niti Taylor and Parikshit Bawa Love Story

“I knew Parikshit from school time, and we were close buddies back then. We reunited on Instagram a few months earlier. I learned he was a gem of a person as I got to know him better. In Delhi, I met him. My parents met him as well, and they adored him. The great thing about having Parikshit in my life is that we have similar characteristics,” in an interview, Niti stated. 

Niti, who recently played Mannat in Ishqbaaz, isn’t intending to tie the knot right now. “We have no plans to marry this year. Hopefully, happen next year. My fiancé’s job requires him to travel to various locations, whereas I am now located in Mumbai “Niti stated.

Niti Taylor’s dream not to marry someone in the entertainment industry was granted, and she is grateful that her parents supported her decision.

“I’ve always stated that I will not marry someone from the entertainment industry. I’m delighted that I’ll be marrying a man of my parents’ and my choice,” She told.

Niti Taylor’s Wedding

Niti Taylor took social media by storm on October 6 when she revealed her engagement to Parikshit Bawa on August 13, 2020, on her Instagram account. She gave her friends and supporters a quick glimpse at her marriage in an Instagram video post. The video depicted the couple’s wedding ceremonies, which included Mehndi and Haldi ceremonies.

The actor said with the lovely video, “My journey from Miss to Mrs is now complete. I’d like to inform all of my well-wishers that on August 13, 2020, I married Parikshit. We had a Covid wedding, which was a small, calm, and private marriage with just our parents.”

So, during the epidemic, the couple arranged a very private wedding with their closest friends and family. A peek of Mehendi, Haldi, and other rituals can be seen in the clip. It also covers newlyweds who are spending their special day with their relatives. Niti Taylor has dressed for the Mehendi celebration in a white top and a bright skirt.

The cutest and most adorable couple in show business is Niti Taylor and Parikshit Bawa. As a result, future generations can look forward to important couple goals. A crucial character in the love storyline is the turning of friendship into love.