Here are the 7 facts that the army believes BTS and Coldplay are Collaborating


Coldplay, a British rock band, has announced their new studio album Music of the Spheres, which will be published on October 15, and BTS fans believe that the two bands will collaborate. ARMYs have trended “Coldplay” on Twitter since Coldplay revealed their ninth album. Similarly, there are more BTS stan accounts than Coldplay fans in the comments section of Coldplay’s most recent postings.

BTS and Coldplay Are Collarbrartion, According to ARMYs—Here’s Why

  1. To support their theory, fans have pointed numerous similarities between Coldplay and BTS’ concepts. Music of the Spheres is the name of Coldplay’s album, and Map of the Soul: 7 is the name of BTS’s previous album. As a result, their acronyms are identical. Carl Jung’s book of theories is also referenced in BTS’ album. Jung’s “map of the soul” diagrams resemble Coldplay’s album concept art.
  2. The cover art for Coldplay’s latest album incorporates an infinity symbol, which BTS chose as the stage design for their Muster Sowoozoo performance in 2021. “We hope that the logo infinite might be the image of our future,” remarked leader RM recently.
  3. BTS was recently rumored to be featured on a new Coldplay song called “My Universe,” according to reports on the internet. “It’s tough to confirm,” Big Hit Music stated in a statement. Now that Coldplay’s new album has been released with a tracklist, it appears that there is a good chance that this rumor is true after all.
  4. Fans have noted how well BTS and Coldplay get along since Coldplay gave them permission to sing their song “Fix You.” Coldplay expressed their admiration for BTS after they played “Fix You” on stage, and lead singer Chris Martin has been a vocal supporter. As a result, everyone was hoping they’d work together. Martin has also stated that if the opportunity to collaborate with BTS arises, he just wouldn’t turn it down.
  5. Coldplay’s new idea features a lot of purple and Black, which is a hue that is commonly linked with BTS. The British band’s concept also includes a lot of space and planets. which are elements that BTS frequently uses into its very own.
  6. Taehyung and Jungkook aren’t very active on social media, so Army believed that they’re working on a subunit in the studio.
  7. Coldplay recently visited South Korea, leading to speculation that the two bands were finally collaborating. While there’s still a chance, it appears that the trip was tied to making music videos for their song “Higher Power,” which features the South Korean dance group Ambiguous Dance Company.

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