Brian Puspos talks about his experience working on ‘Serendipity’ and mentions BTS Jimin as his bias


Brian Puspos, a Filipino choreographer and recording artist, went on Reddit on June 17th for a Q&A session with fans. Brian is an accomplished dancer who has collaborated with BTS on a number of choreographies, including JIMIN’s solo single Serendipity. Fans took advantage of the opportunity to ask him questions on the project, as well as other topics.
Fans inquired about his experiences working with western musicians versus those in K-POP, to which he stated that Korean artists worked harder and were more disciplined. He went on to say that the level of choreography in the K-POP industry is incredible. Variety of brilliant artists rising to the occasion and successfully executing his tough styles.
The choreographer has worked with various members of BTS and considers Jimin’s skill set to be advanced based on previous covers of his choreography. This is why he choreographed Serendipity as if it were for himself because he believes Jimin could do everything he could do even better, and there were no challenges to consider.

Brian Puspos loved Serendipity even before he got hired to work on it

Serendipity choreography was considered to be the peak of his career because he had always adored the song before being hired to work on it. It also meant a lot to him because he didn’t have to adjust much of the choreography from his initial concept, which sparked his interest in working with Jimin again in the future.

Brian Puspos revealed that BTS Jimin is His Bias

He admitted to being Jimin-biased, and that Jimin’s dance style was his favorite. Jimin’s choreography was always a source of immense satisfaction for him, and he proudly praises him in interviews. He praised the members of BTS for their ability to perform difficult choreographies while still singing.

In a 2015 conversation among BTS members, Jungkook mentioned that Jimin loved a choreographer named Brian Puspos. Brian’s dance compositions were often covered by Jimin, and one such cover was ‘Own It,’ which was done by both Jimin and Jungkook. The choreographer even recognised their amazing performance in a tweet at the time. He appreciates how Jimin and BTS perform his choreography. Puspos indicated his desire to collaborate with them again in the future.

Japanese Choreographer Sota Kawashima talked about Jimin’s incredible dance skills

On the 10th, Japanese choreographer Sota Kawashima, the director of GANMI dance group, which choreographed BTS’ single ‘Butter,’ brought Jimin’s outstanding dance skills to light. In an interview with ‘Arata,’ he revealed that the guy in charge of Jimin’s choreography was the group’s most talented member.
As a dancer, Jimin has always displayed his talent and adaptability. He pushes the boundaries and is capable of rising to the challenge, providing outstanding performances. His performances are praised by choreographers, professionals, and fans alike. That is why he is regarded as a dance king

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