Wonho officially joins the military as a worker for the public good.


As of today, singer WONHO must begin his mandatory military duty. On December 5th, 2022, he will report to boot camp to begin training to become a public service officer. First, he must complete his mandatory military training.

Statement from WONHO’s Agency, Highline Entertainment

“We ask for your warm support and interest in WONHO, who will return with a more mature and healthy look, and he will try his best to diligently do his military duty throughout his alternative service time,” the agency said.

In addition to seeing his fans in person, the singer released a note on his official fan café, asking them to be patient till his return. To keep his fan club, WENEE, from growing stale, WONHO promised, “I am planning many various things, so I hope you spend this time joyfully and waiting for the day we meet again.” In addition, he mentioned that he misses the first time he performed for his fans and that he plans to come back in a “cool” manner very soon.

Regarding WONHO


We’re proud to announce that Highline Entertainment has signed WONHO, a talented artist from South Korea. Formerly, he performed in the boy band MonstaX. The first part of his lengthy play, titled “Love Synonym Part 1: Right for me,” premiered on September 4, 2020, marking his debut as a solo stage performer. Since then, WONHO has released new songs often. He is well-known for his physical fitness and as an advocate for a healthy way of life among the celebrity set.

The actor spent his final days before enlistment giving performances throughout Asia and Europe. Have faith that the performer will return to us soon in good shape.