Usher Aptly Participates In BTS’s “Butter Challenge” On TikTok

Usher Aptly Participates In BTS’s “Butter Challenge” On TikTok

Butter Creating worldwide Record recently and it goes on .. After the release of BTS butter there always trends about butter, whether it’s about #butterarmy #buttermeal #btsbutter #buttercongratulation etc, there are lots of more, Today there is more trend relate with Butter. As we all know in the Lyrics there is a line about Usher, “Smooth like butter, pull you in like no other. Don’t need no Usher, to remind me you’ve got it bad.”

and on this Usher recently shared a video take a look

Usher even remembered to include the lyrics from the song in his caption! He walked out of the preparation room wearing a fantastic fur jacket and gestured to a woman off-screen. His sultry demeanor perfectly reflects the lyrics to “Butter”!

Fans shared videos and image to share happiness even though some people relating this trend with BTS Jimin too, as his video go viral about dancing on usher song

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