Jimin with no more rainbow hair, Jungkook long and RM pink hair has gone


BTS previously unveiled the first group concept image for their forthcoming song Butter. Over the last few days, the participants have each appeared in brief clips that teased the song’s theme. BTS has posted a photo of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook wearing contrasting outfits.
Everyone’s attention was drawn to their hair color. RM heralded the return of the ‘Pink Joon’ era, a nickname given to him by fans when he first dyed his hair pink. J-blonde Hope’s hair also brought back memories of the group’s early days. Jin and Suga wore their hair in its normal state.

Jimin shocked viewers with his multi-colored hairstyle, V went with an undercut, and Jungkook debuted his purple tresses in a short ponytail.

Jimin with no more rainbow, Jungkook long and RM ‘Pink Joon’ hair gone

Movies and TV Awards release new video

#BTSArmy, you BUTTER believe it! Butter@bts_twtis taking home the golden popcorn for Best Music Documentary at the #MTVAwards: UNSCRIPTED!

WhenMovie & TV Awards released a new video in which Jimin was no more with rainbow hair, Jungkook with no long hair, and Namjoon back with blond hair. The army came in shock after saw this. It’s more heartbreaking to know that hair color was temporary. Armycomes with so many funny memes after hearing this news. Take a look