‘Vincenzo’ Episode 15: Inzaghi Returns the Favor to Song Joong Ki


When Paulo’s men had Vincenzo Cassano on their knees (Song Joong-ki), bleeding from a wound, and ready to die, without any fear, I didn’t expect that a pigeon would fall, sit on his throne, and invite his friends to help his human friend out. Vincenzo’s cousin Inzaghi the pigeon has come to his rescue and no way you can stop yourself from laughing real, just as crazy and unbelievable as it sounds. It’s a classic treatment with Vincenzo and a very serious scene beautifully transforms into comedy.


This transformation took place in the previous episode when the Cha-youth (Jeon Yeo-bin) and Vincenzo were sat down to watch pig’s blood drown the present Babel’s CEO Han-Seok (Taecyeon). It has become an insane comedy to use the signature style of the show. Fun apart, it’s still on the road to see Vincenzo paying for Hong Yu-death chan’s from Myung-hee (Kim Yeo-jin) and Han-seek.

It is not shocking that he will go anywhere in drawing an equally evil strategy. Babel is deadlocked specifically after Han-Seok has had innocent people killed. It involves becoming a shaman to cast doubt on Babel and a corrupt journalist who has been working together without problems until now. To manipulate Cassano uses the belief of the owner of the newspaper business in superstition.

He succeeds partially through the Guillotine file which gives him access to information that makes him the invisible King of Korea’s rich capitalist community. If you think he has dropped it into the basement with pounds of gold, no one has dropped it. He didn’t actually make it to the last episode. He painted it intelligently if Mr. Cho did not look so he even digs into the past of Han Seok with this detail. Han-Seok was the bully and teenage executioner diagnosed as a 19-year-old psychopath, and Vincenzo tries to do this by manipulating his journalist.

But Han-Seok is no joke, as Vincenzo correctly pointed out. He is a monster and proves that he finds the truth about Ms.Oh who is his mother as she starts to dig into Vincenzo’s Korean family. Also, it found that the owner of the newspaper business was Vincenzo, who sowed conflict with Babel.

Han-seok is also planning its own pit. We will now see if Vincenzo could sidestep another mine or whether his luck is gone this time around.