Salman Khan Distributes 5000 Food Kits to Frontline Workers in Mumbai


As everyone knows, Mumbai is under lockdown and it has been for more than two weeks now. The city has a growing number of covid positive cases. During this lockdown, all frontline workers, including police and medical personnel, cleaners, and BMC workers they keep the city going in this crisis. 

Today, Salman Khan takes initiative to distribute 5000 food kits to frontline workers in Mumbai, and this video goes viral. 

Rahul Kanal was executing this activity, he is Yuva Sena’s core committee member. He said Salman came down to check food quality that has been distributed to the frontline workers. He also added Salman sir has huge respect for frontline workers. Even his mother also made tiffin for the police personnel as they have been posted outside his house on security duty. Hence, Salman thought since the lockdown is conducted and these workers are working 24/7. Salman said that they would start distributing food packets to them so they can make it easier for them. 

He added there were at Bhaijaanz kitchen where food is being prepared. On Sunday, they distributed 5000 food packets. For now, these food packets are being sent from Byculla to Juhu and Bandra East to BKC, including the jumbo Covid facility. A double number of packets will be sent out in the coming days.

when India was hit by the Covid-19 epidemic for the first time last year, Salman Khan began a “Being Haangryy” van to send rations to migrant workers stranded in the city without work.