Zomato Delivery Boy Case: Who is the Victim?


Nowadays, the most trending news is ‘Zomato delivery boy case with a girl’. Well, nobody knows, who’s the victim in #zomatodeliveryboycase. The woman registered a complaint against the delivery executive, and he was taken into custody, police said. 

A woman who is a content creator alleged that the delivery boy punched her. Zomato incident girl name is Hitesha Chandranee, and recently she posted a video on social media while telling that a delivery boy punched her nose.

This incident happened on Tuesday, and all the matter is about delays in delivery. After her social media post, everyone is talking about them. 

What Hitesha Chandranee’s Statement is?

According to Hitesha, around 3:20 pm, she placed an order on the Zomato app. When she didn’t get her order after an hour, she contacted the support team of Zomato to cancel the order or provide her refund. The delivery guy arrived when she was talking to customer service. After that, she took the order, but when she told the delivery boy to wait, she said, he began abusing her.

Hitesha said she is suffering from a fracture of her nasal bone because he punched her. 

What the Delivery Boy’s Statement is?

According to Kamaraj (the delivery boy), he wanted to give the order to her and wanted to go for another delivery. Hitesha wanted to refund her money that was beyond his capacity. And, later on, she refused to take her order. He pushed her back in self-defense when she hit him with her sandal that resulted in the injury, said an electronic city police station official. 

Despite this, the delivery boy lost his job, and Zomato has been delisted from the platform pending an investigation. 

Who’s the Victim? 

Now, the question arises who is the actual victim. We can’t conclude anything, but after the investigation is done, only then it can be revealed that who is the actual victim or who is playing the victim card. 

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