The trailer for ‘Gentleman’ starring Ju Ji Hoon, Park Sung Woong, and Choi Sung Eun is out.


The “Gentleman” movie’s official trailer has been released. The latest teaser, which features Ju Ji Hoon, Park Sung Woong, and Choi Sung Eun, was published by Wavwe on December 8, 2022.

film production about to be released Kim Kyun Won wrote and directed the criminal action flick Gentleman. Many people look forward to viewing it because of the fascinating premise and the great performances by Ju Ji Hoon, Park Sung Woong, and Choi Sung Eun. The premiere of the film is scheduled on December 28, 2022.

Those Involved

The movie’s impressive cast has aroused audiences’ curiosity. Ju Ji Hoon will portray Ji Hyun Soo, the owner of a private detective firm who is falsely accused of murder. In the upcoming film, Choi Sung Eun will portray the influential prosecutor Kim Hwa Jin. Park Sung Woong, meanwhile, will be featured in the role of Kwon Do Hun, the CEO of a sizable legal company.

Plot Summary

Ji Hyun Soo (Ju Ji Hoon), the founder of a private investigation firm, pays a visit to a customer who has hired his firm to track out a lost puppy.
After being assaulted on his way to see the client at a retirement home, he learns that his client has vanished and that he is being falsely accused of kidnapping him. His arrest is interrupted by a vehicle accident in which bystanders believe he is the prosecutor. He starts looking for the client and runs across prosecutor Kim Hwa Jin (Choi Sung Eun). The investigation leads them to learn that Kwon Do Hun (Park Sung Woong), the CEO of a legal firm, is also involved in the crime. We will see how this narrative develops with great curiosity.

On December 28, 2022, the premiere of “Gentleman” will air.