The Family Man Makers on Season Three: We always knew where we were heading, and will address Covid-19

The Family Man Season 3

The Family Man 2 concluded in suspense, just like the first season. Will Suchi (Priya Mani) ultimately reveal what happened in Lonavala to Srikant (Manoj Bajpayee)? Will Covid-19 play an important role in season 3 of Family Man? Is the latest TASC mission going to the Northeast in preparation for a new deadly mission? The makers stated they had yet to write the third season, but Raj admitted the idea for the sequel has been in the process since they finished season 2 of The Family Man a few years ago.

“The storyline has always been there. Even as we were writing season two, the idea of where the show is going has always been there, even if it wasn’t that specific moment (the concluding sequence). We were talking about other possibilities for season two as we were talking about season one. So we knew where it was headed, what universe it was focussing on, and what sort of situations were going to be included,” he explained.

The last scene of Season 2 of The Family Man was written from the perspective of the coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent state-wide lockdown. It depicts a mysterious individual sitting in Kolkata, preparing for a Chinese mission known as Guan Yu, which is expected to strike the country’s northeast region. Raj explained that the scene was done separately as they were certain they would cover the epidemic in the future season, but they weren’t sure if they would go into detail about its effects.

In the last episode, Srikant Tiwari finishes his last task and kills Raji (Samantha Akkineni), but he is a tired man, the deaths seemingly pulling him down. When asked if Srikant will take this attitude into the next season, Raj stated that all they know at this stage is that they would stay true to the character and the difficulties that Srikant is going to experience.