Highlights of #AskSRK Session with Shah Rukh Khan


On Twitter, Shah Rukh Khan hosted #AskSRK session for his fans. And recently, he has hosted the #AskSRK session on social media. And from this session, we have concluded some highlights:


Shah Rukh Khan Gives a Strong Hint about His Next Film 

As all of us know that SRK is known for his funny answers. One of his fans requested him to give a hint about his next movie, and he wrote, “Strong hint: apni sab next movies mein main star kar rha hoon!! Don’t tell anybody please.”


Shah Rukh Khan Says ‘Jaldi Shooting Karta Hoon’

Another fan asked SRK that when he is going to get back on the screen. He wrote, “Please come back to the screen and I will book the whole theatre for your movie. It’s around 3 years, 3 months, and 31 days.” SRK wrote, “Really!! That’s a long time even for patience. Jaldi Jaldi shooting karta hoon don’t worry.”


Shah Rukh Khan on Salman Khan 

A fan asked him about Salman Khan, SRK wrote, “As always bhai toh bhai hi hai!” 


Shah Rukh Khan tells Aamir Khan’s Best Movie 

SRK said Dangal, Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Lagaan, and 3 Idiots are his favorite films of Aamir Khan.